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Welcome to Miniature Gardening and Fairy Gardens!

Free Shipping Over $100 The art of miniature gardening is the art of imagination.

If you are a lover of fairy tales and of beautiful adventures, and if you love to dream of mystical landscapes populated with fairies and fairy houses you have found the right place. Story telling and imaginary fairy garden scenery bring the playful kid out in all of us. Filled with intrigue and mystique each little miniature garden scene you create is a snapshot of such a dream. By taking up this form of gardening you transport yourself into another world, and experience the enviable feeling of having your dreams come true!

Everything you need to create an enchanting miniature garden can be found here.

Choose from hundreds of dollhouse miniatures, fairy houses and a large collection of Cicely Mary Barker fairies to craft your own fairy garden, succulent container, terrarium or railroad garden.

All About Fairy Gardens
Creating an Enchanting Fairy Garden with Fairy Houses
Video Gallery
Idea & How-To Videos about Miniature & Fairy Gardens
Miniature Garden Ideas &
Fairy Garden Tales

Need more ideas for miniature fairy gardens?

We have the landscape materials that fairies love! We know which dwarf trees, shrubs and other miniature plants for a miniature garden attract fairies. Adding fairy houses like whimsical cottages, gnome doors, bridges, paths, rustic fences, garden tools and even a miniature animal or two to the miniature garden, will delight you, your kids or grand kids, and especially the fairies. Many of the accessories make great favors for fairy-themed weddings or birthday parties. Whatever theme you wish to create, from fishing, golfing or camping, to secret hanging gardens (for the shy fairy folks), you will find it here.

Tips on which fairy houses and accessories you can use for your fairy gardens

Take a look at the picture galleries. Watch the how-to instruction videos and get inspired to create your own miniature garden or fairy garden. This is all a lot of fun and a little addictive!

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