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Bunny Hutch with Rabbit
Bunny Hutch with Rabbit
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1.50" Wide x 3.25" High x 2.50" Deep
Metal and Wood

Every country cottage needs a bunny hutch in the backyard. This miniature version looks just like the real ones you find on almost every farm in America.  Resembling homemade designs crafted from left over scraps of aged lumber, the bunny hutch has metal chicken wire attached to the front.  Place the bunny, which comes with the hutch, looking out the window to view the mini garden. Don't leave the front door open or bunny might get out and hop away. Both the front door with wooden handle and the entire top of the hutch open up to allow the miniature gardener easy access to their friend.  With pink ears and black eyes, the white bunny is sitting on a pile of straw to keep him warm on chilly evenings. Purchase a couple of Garden Carrots and place them in the hutch for an extra yummy treat.


  • Miniatures are small items that pose potential choking hazards to small children. They are not toys.
  • Any accessories pictured are not included and are for illustrative purposes only.
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Bunny Hutch with Rabbit
Bunny Hutch with Rabbit
Bunny Hutch with Rabbit
Bunny Hutch with Rabbit

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