Llama with Bird

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3.00" Wide x 2.50" High x 1.75" Deep
Multi Color

Aw, who are these sweet friends we have stumbled upon in the miniature garden? It looks like this llama has taken a comfortable seat on the ground. Perhaps it has been a long day of hard work—or playing—in the fairy garden, and the llama needs to take a rest. With small ears turned upwards and a little smile on her face, it seems like this is one friendly llama. Look, a bird has alighted on her back. Do you think it wants a ride over to the fairy garden backyard BBQ? That sounds like the perfect place to meet up with even more garden friends.  

Miniatures are small items that pose potential choking hazards to small children. They are not toys. Any accessories pictured are not included and are for illustrative purposes only.
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