Mushroom Chair

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1.25" Wide x 2.00" High x 1.25" Deep
Red, Brown

Welcome to the fairy garden! Sit down, take a load off. Pull up a chair! The Mushroom Chair is a great relief for fairies after flying and playing all day. Whether it is situated around a table, near a campfire, or in a field of flowers, this chair is a natural fit. Made of durable resin but with the look of rustic logs, the chair has a woodland fairy theme. It features four legs and a back, and if you look closely, you will see that it has been decorated with bright red toadstools. These make it look as though this chair has been in the garden for hundreds of years. Only you know that it is a new addition.

Miniatures are small items that pose potential choking hazards to small children. They are not toys. Any accessories pictured are not included and are for illustrative purposes only.
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