Step Ladder

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1.25" Wide x 5.00" High

Where would little elves be in the miniature garden without a Step Ladder? Elves may not like to admit it, but they use ladders all the time in order to reach high places. Lean the ladder up against the side of a cottage or an apple tree with one little elf or gnome attempting to climb it and another one on the ground holding the ladder in place. The Step Ladder also becomes a good makeshift bridge when placed horizontally over a gully or babbling brook. This miniature, designed to resemble a welded metal ladder, has a curved shape with not-so-perfectly placed rungs giving it a homemade appearance.  Painted yellow, the ladder has a brown, sponged finish.

Miniatures are small items that pose potential choking hazards to small children. They are not toys. Any accessories pictured are not included and are for illustrative purposes only.
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