Zen Sand Pattern Orb Swirls

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1.75" Wide x 1.75" High x 1.75" Deep

No fairy garden is complete without unique accessories that turn the miniature garden into your very own. This Zen Sphere Swirls Sensory Ball is a calming and graceful shape that you can incorporate into the miniature garden with ease. In today’s modern Zen Gardens, use the sphere as a stress-relieving sensory experience in your personal dry, fine sand, miniature garden. Create calm feelings by rolling the sensory ball through sand to see its markings. The meditation sphere has an exterior that leaves a sensory design wherever it rolls, and the detailed ball brings texture, movement, and mindful designs to the Zen Garden. When you pick up the ball, you can feel the whirled texture in your hand, and you can easily spot the details in the garden. This fairy garden accessory will bring a new and interesting look to the miniature garden.

Miniatures are small items that pose potential choking hazards to small children. They are not toys. Any accessories pictured are not included and are for illustrative purposes only.
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