Walls, Paths & Steps

Help garden fairies and their friends move around the miniature garden by placing paths through the fairy garden plants and miniature trees. Try lining up decorative stepping stones on top of fairy mulch or decorative stones as another means of making pathways. Select from a vairety of themes available in stepping stones designs - from rustic stones to flowers to birds. The paths and stepping stones are useful hardscapes in miniature gardening design. Another way to divide the spaces and provide ease of movement between the structures is to use one or more walls. Also, consider placing steps on the hills or in front of an entrance to a fairy house to make moving to higher ground more convenient. Adding columns at the end of the stairs or along the walls will anchor the space. The Walls, Paths, & Steps category encompasses a wide range of structures in fairy gardening that is important in the overall design of the miniature garden.

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