Apple Picking Time

Apple Picking TimeAsarum's cousin Levisticum came knocking on the door one August day. "Time to learn all about apples!" Levisticum said brightly.

"How wonderful!" replied Asarum. His cousins had been telling him all summer about apples. In his native woodland, they didn't have any of this fruit, but it seemed very important to these fairies in the village. He was eager to find out how they tasted.

The two cousins journeyed out to the orchard. In his eagerness, Asarum flew up to the first apple he saw and took a bite. "Uck!" He spit it out.

Levisticum broke into peals of laughter. "Not those! They won't be ripe for another month yet! It's these that are ready!" He pointed to some shiny reddish-yellow fruit.

Asarum approached cautiously and waited for Levi to take the first bite. When he bit into one of his own, Asarum's eyes grew wide. "Delicious!" It was the only word that he could think of.

Levi smiled. Together they harvested as much as they could tote back to the cottage. "Tomorrow," said Levi, "we will all come over and help you can and dehydrate some of these."

"Whatever does that mean?"

"It's how you preserve them, so that you can have some even when they aren't in season. You can take them back with you to the woodland when you go." As soon as Levi spoke these last words, a silence fell on the cottage. They didn't like to think about the day that Asarum would return to his woodland family.

Asarum broke the silence with some forced cheer. "Well, I'll certainly be the most popular fairy in the woods if I start giving people apples! They are so lush and juicy!"

"Speaking of juicy, I can show you how to make cider, too!" Levisticum kept his promise, and the longer that cider lasted, the merrier their get-togethers became.


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