Bring the Miniature Garden Inside: Create a Tablescape

Plant ready to be put in a miniature gardenMiniature plants and miniature trees fill the fairy gardens in our backyards, seem to pour out of the containers on the patio, and highlight the fairy garden accessories in our window boxes. But what about decorating with miniature gardens and fairy garden plants indoors? Fairy garden accessories and miniature plants can be used inside the home to create fabulous tablescapes for year-round decoration. All it takes is a little creativity and preparation, and you will have an enviable table in no time.

Set the Scene

When creating a tablescape, some people get stuck before they even begin. But as long as you have the right vessel, you will be just fine. One of my favorite bases for decorative displays is a simple tray. It might be metal or wooden. Antique or contemporary. If it is summertime or holiday time, you could use a red, white, and blue tray, or one printed with a citrus pattern. The choice is yours.

Fresh Flowers and Plants

Since the goal of this tablescape is to bring a bit of the miniature garden indoors, you will want to position a fresh flower arrangement or miniature plant on your tray. Think about displaying the plant in a container that contrasts with the tray. If your tray is metal, you might choose a white ceramic vase. If the tray is wooden, a tin bucket could hold a miniature garden. Of course, if you prefer your tablescape to last without so much care and attention, there are plenty of faux plants to choose from, whether you prefer artificial flowers or even faux succulents.

For a sunny summer display, sunflowers are a fun accent. In the wintertime, consider a miniature garden with evergreen miniature trees. A winter fairy garden could even be sprinkled with faux snow! The more you can incorporate nature and weather, the better you will feel about your indoor-outdoor tablescape.


Once you have chosen a tray and a plant or faux plant, it is time to accessorize. For a spring look, I love to add things like a bird’s nest, eggs, and a spring wreath. An autumn tray could incorporate faux leaves in shades of red, orange and yellow, a lantern, and even some pretend spider webs. Or, if you prefer to decorate to theme rather than season, you could create a back-to-school tray with books, a chalkboard, and a large pencil decoration or miniature school bus.  Decorative calendars, magnet boards, signs, and other wordy accessories can add a fun element that will have visitors checking out your display every time they come to visit.

Be sure to consider size and scale when building your tablescape. Just like a balanced bouquet of flowers, a well-made tablescape includes a diverse range of colors, textures, and sizes. Perhaps you have a miniature accessory placed on top of a stack of books, or you lean a decorated sign against a taller vase. You could even pair a large vase of flowers with a small bird and a medium-sized candle.

It is also important to keep the colors in balance. If you plan to include one or two miniature gardens full of succulents, you will probably want those green and red colors to be the highlight of the display. Let neutral tones, such as brown, white, and beige, make up the majority of the accessories. Similarly, if you decide to highlight a large pink blossom or brightly-colored candle, choose neutrals or metallics to round out the rest of the tray.

Play around with your items and do not be afraid to change the scene again. Just like the outdoor miniature garden, the tablescape is a creative outlet that can be revisited and re-set over and over again. Once you are finished, the tray can be displayed on a coffee table, dining room table, or even on an oversized ottoman. Now that you have brought the spirit of the miniature garden inside, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your handiwork.


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