Colorful Plants for the Miniature Garden

If you could design your ideal miniature garden, what would it look like? Would it provide a Zen escape from your day-to-day life? Would it celebrate your favorite fairytale or transport you to a tropical oasis?

Step into the miniature garden of my wildest dreams, and you will enter a bright, bustling world full of color! I picture a fairy garden bursting with energy, colors, and textures, ready to delight the senses and open the mind. While I have grown to appreciate and enjoy gardens that are more subdued, calm, and relaxing, a colorful garden fits my personality perfectly. It also feels like a good fit for the present moment. With so much of my time spent indoors, the idea of creating a colorful garden makes my heart leap! Luckily, thanks to my favorite greenhouses and online stores, these dreams are not too far away. Want to know which miniature plants and accessories I would include in my own colorful garden? Read on to find out.

Lemon and Lime

Whether I am planting in containers or walking around my yard at home, my eyes are usually greeted by a world of green. Deep greens, soft greens, and every green in between can be found in the miniature trees, ground covers, and other miniature plants I choose for my gardens. Some bloom in the springtime with little white or blue flowers, which adds a sprinkle of color. But recently I have decided to mix up the greens I see and seek out some plants that are even more vibrant and bright.

For fairy garden plants that will add a lemon-lime “pop!” to my miniature garden, I have turned towards sedums, also known as stonecrops. With popular names like “Tokyo Sun” and “Lemonball,” these sun-loving varieties add a neon yellow-green color to any container. I love to watch them spill out of hanging baskets and creep over walls. For shade gardens, there are some delightfully bright hosta varieties such as Lemon Zinger and Sun Mouse that will add brilliant yellow color to troughs, fairy gardens, and more.  

A Pop of Pink

Pink is another color that I do not often spot in miniature gardens and fairy gardens, despite the fact that it adds a feminine and fun touch to any container. Heron’s bill, with its delicate stripes, is one of my favorites, followed by Dianthus Popstar. The latter features frilly, fringed blossoms and is surprisingly easy to grow. Consider pink flowers for beds, borders, and containers. Do not be afraid to play with the color pink! It works well in all seasons, zones, and themed gardens, especially those that are home to magical fairies.   

Razzle-Dazzle Red

Last, but certainly not least, my rainbow garden would include a bold color—red. When most people think of red plants, they probably think of roses. But there are plenty of miniature plant varieties that feature this bold, powerful, passion-filled color. Several of the latest Hens and Chicks varieties develop deep red colors along their spikes, and orange-red ice plants are a summertime favorite. If you really want to show off a bright, fire-engine red plant in your indoor or outdoor garden, consider a grafted cactus. These plants have shockingly bright tops, and they are very low maintenance, making them a solid choice for dish gardens, desert gardens, and even garden gifts.  

When I am all done planting a rainbow in my fairy garden, I will probably finish it off with some colorful miniature accessories. A brightly-colored sign, bridge, or fairy cottage is the finishing touch that will make my garden stand out, no matter its size. As you plan and plant your own miniature garden, think about which miniature plants and accessories will bring a smile to your face in these challenging times. Plant accordingly! Happy gardening. 


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