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Miniature Gardening Videos 1
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Miniature Gardening Videos 1
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This disk contains the following videos in standard DVD format to play on any common DVD player, or on your computer with any decent media player software, like the free VideoLAN VLC media player:

  1. A Fairytale... The Movie
    See what the fairies in the Fairyhood are up to. A beautiful visual tour of the large miniature garden we have set up at Winter Greenhouse.
  2. Fairyscaping - An Outdoor Fairy Cottage Garden
    Sit back and enjoy a tour of an outdoor fairyscape. See a variety of settings with miniature plants, structures and accessories.
  3. Miniature and Fairy Garden Ideas
    Take a tour of the miniature and fairy garden planters we created during the summer of 2011. From beach scenes to secret gardens, there are dozens of ideas utilizing a wide variety of plants, structures and accessories.
  4. How to Plant a Willow Fairy Sphere with Plants, 1
    Take miniature gardening to new heights. Learn how to create a secret fairy garden in a willow sphere. Just add moss in the bottom, some plants and accessories and fairies will be anxious to move in.
  5. How to Plant a Willow Fairy Sphere for Indoor, 2
    This is a completely new way of making a fairy garden. We use a willow sphere lined with moss and other materials that do not need light or water to create a garden that can be kept indoors. This builds on How to Make a Fairy Sphere 1.
  6. How to Make a Miniature Fairy Garden Patio
    Short how-to video about making a path or patio in an outdoor miniature garden or in a container. Step-by-step instructions show how to create a stone patio.
  7. Planting a Miniature Garden Container
    A step by step instruction video on planting a miniature garden in a container. We discuss everything from choosing the proper container to adding the finishing touches to create a variety of themes and scenes. You will be given ideas on selecting plants, adding paths and patios, and accessories to complete your miniature garden.
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