Fall 'Chores'

Fall 'Chores'Asarum's cousins stopped by to recruit him for a game of fairy stick. They were quite surprised to find him raking up leaves. This was the sort of thing the Big People did! Of all the chores Asarum might do, this seemed the least likely. Compared to the town fairies, he kept his yard wild and unkempt, but even the town fairies didn't rake leaves!

"What are you doing?" they asked him.

He simply smiled. "Come help me."

They raked and raked until they had an enormous pile of leaves, five times as high as any of them. They smelled earthy and wonderful. "Okay," shouted Asarum, "here we go!" He flew high up in the air, so high they could barely see him, then he plummeted. He tucked his wings back and stretched his arms out ahead of him to a diving posture. When he hit the pile of leaves, they gasped as he disappeared far beneath the surface. They immediately began digging, but Asarum just as quickly burrowed his own way out. "Who's next?" he called.

The other fairies didn't work up their nerve right away, but with a little cajoling Dicentra flew up and up, then came plummeting down. When she emerged, bits of leaf still stuck to her hair, her face was radiant. "That was SO FUN!" Soon they were all jumping and diving in the leaves.

The setting sun made them decide to go inside for supper. After they had eaten and washed up the dishes, Asarum announced, "There's another reason to rake leaves." He gave each of them a blanket and led them out to the pile. "It's the perfect place for watching the stars as you fall asleep."


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