Farmhouse Décor in the Miniature Garden

When you think of the term “farmhouse,” what comes to mind? Maybe your memory races back to time spent on the farm as a child, running up the porch steps and into a big, airy home filled with light and love. Or perhaps you picture the rustic furniture, the well-worn rugs on wooden floors, and meals served around a long table. There is no wrong way to conceive of a farmhouse, and when it comes to farmhouse style, ideas and applications run the gamut. In general, farmhouse style usually includes a few of the following attributes: 

-Cozy, relaxing, and warm

-Wood, steel, and other sturdy materials

-Lived-in, rustic, and age-worn finishes

-Breezy, low maintenance, and relaxed

Can farmhouse style translate to the miniature garden? Of course! When designing your interiors with farmhouse style in mind, a miniature garden or fairy garden can be an apt addition to the living room, kitchen, mud room, or bedroom. As you choose containers for your miniature garden and other houseplants, you will want to consider materials like cement, terra cotta, galvanized tin, wooden boxes, metal trays, ceramic pitchers, and painted mason jars. Reclaimed ladders, chairs, stools, and trunks can be used to elevate containers and put miniature gardens on display.  

One of my favorite ways to display a miniature garden while still staying true to farmhouse style is by repurposing a two or three-level tray. Tiered trays, often made out of wood or metal, are incredibly popular in farmhouse-style homes. They can be decorated for the seasons, and frequently include items like gourds, mugs, flowers, small signs, and other accessories. To have a bit of fun, consider turning one of these classic farmhouse tiered trays into your next fairy garden project!

With just a little moss, some pebbles, and some miniature accessories, your tiered tray can be elevated from basic décor piece to fairy garden wonderland. Faux succulents and other faux plants are a solid option for trays that do not have much room for soil. Trays also lack drainage, so they are not always the best fit for live plants. Luckily, there are plenty of faux plants, so you can choose colors and types that match your personal vision for the container.

For a holiday-themed miniature garden, consider faux snow, batting, or even cotton balls to create a snowy look in the tiered tray. A dusting of glitter or the addition of miniature string lights can give the display a magical feel. Once you have decided on one or two landscaping materials and chosen your faux plants, you can decorate your fairy garden with your favorite miniature accessories. Cozy fairy cottages and garden fairies work well in any miniature garden container. Holiday gardens can be gussied up with Christmas characters, reindeer, a sleigh, and more.

Most trays are painted a single color, such as white, black, or even dark green. Miniature accessories and faux plants add color and texture on top of this base color. However, if you are feeling creative, you could decorate your tray with patterned tape, adhesive wallpaper, or gloss finish before building your miniature garden. Ready to get started? You can find a tiered tray at craft stores, antique shops, and online stores. After that, the sky is the limit! Your farmhouse-style miniature garden is bound to be unique and delightful, no matter what you end up “planting” inside.


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