Festive Tips for Decorating a Miniature Tree

The holiday season is one of the most magical times of the year. The temperature drops, the music on the radio changes, and everything is imbued with the Christmas spirit. There are relatives to visit, cozy scarves to wear, and gifts to exchange. Sure, it can be a little overwhelming at times, but gardeners know that winter is also the off-season in terms of weeding, watering, planting, and otherwise tending to outdoor gardens. For dedicated outdoor gardeners, winter signals a time to rest, reset, and enjoy time inside with friends and family.

Of course, gardeners also know that it can be great fun to bring that holiday spirit into the miniature garden. Whether you have a container garden, a fairy garden filled with hardy faux plants, or even an outdoor garden in a warmer climate, you may want to consider decorating it for the Christmas season. Theming can range from over-the-top and detailed to subtle and understated, (and everywhere in between) depending on your style.

If you are designing a holiday miniature garden, you may want to include a miniature Christmas tree. Why? Well, the fairies love to exchange gifts, and the gnomes like to gather around the miniature tree for carols. Trolls look forward to the days after Christmas, when they can use the tree as a base for their swamp rafts, but that is a story for another day…

When it comes to miniature trees, there are plenty of things you can do to make your tree look festive and fun. There are pre-made miniature tree garlands available to help you trim the tiny tree in a snap. String on the garland, add a star on top, and your tree is ready to go! On the other hand, tiny homemade ornaments can be a crafty way to add personality and style to your miniature tree. With just a bit of aluminum foil, you can fold your own stars or doves. Origami paper can be cut and folded into simple candy canes, circles, and bows. Using glue dots, hot glue, or just a dab of white glue, you can attach your ornaments to a bit of fishing line or string. Add a string of colored lights to make the whole scene sparkle. 

In addition to decorating with pre-made or homemade ornaments and miniature accessories, you will want to consider landscaping around your tree. Artificial snow is safe, easy to use, and environmentally-friendly. It can be sprinkled on and around the tree to create a winter wonderland. Simply cut a piece of craft felt into a circle, add rickrack with a hot glue gun, and your tree will be all set with a realistic tree skirt.

On Christmas Eve, after you have turned off the string lights and sent the youngest fairies to dream of sugarplums in bed, you can pile some miniature presents underneath the tree. Packages wrapped up with bows and glitter immediately conjure up memories of Christmas mornings long passed. Perhaps a lucky fairy will find a bicycle under the tree, or a little red wagon. It is sure to be a magical Christmas, no matter what you decide to put under—or on top of—your miniature tree.   


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