A Fond Farewell

A Fond FarewellThe time had come to say farewell. Asarum was full of eagerness to see his parents and neighbors, and to live once again in his beloved woodland. But he had come to love his cousins and their town of Summer. He would miss his little cottage, his garden, and even the Big People.

"If only I could be in two places at once," he muttered.

"No regrets!" said Dicentra. "We're just glad that we've come to know each other, and we look forward to the day when we visit you and learn about your land."

"Those are wonderful words, and true too," said Levisticum, "but we are still going to miss you terribly."

"Yes," said Nymphaea, "our life will have a little less spice now."

"Dicentra's right," said Asarum. "Let's not waste our last day together feeling glum. Let's set the table and hold a feast in honor of our friendship."

They worked together to make a huge meal and shared it on a table near the pond where they liked to fish. As they ate, they joked, told stories, and sang songs. After the meal, Asarum pulled out his flute and everyone danced.

The afternoon began to close in, and their talk dwindled away. They returned to the cottage, where Asarum climbed into the little box that had been prepared for him. They handed his backpack and his flute in after him, kissed him, and then sealed the carton. Nymphaea said a few words that put some postage on the box while Levisticum double-checked the address. Then they all three tied ropes around it and flew as quickly as they could to the mailbox. They tugged open the door and managed to get the package inside. Then they pushed on the red metal flag so that it stood upright. In a few moments, the mailman came striding his usual route in the small town of Summer. Asarum was on his way home.


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