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Uses of Furniture in Your Miniature Garden

In the world of miniature gardening the use of small-scale, dollhouse furniture fills empty spaces with warmth and personality. Consider placing a patio chair under the graceful branches of a miniature tree and toss a hat on the seat. A table next to the chair could hold a tiny magazine and a glass of ice tea. This dollhouse furniture will provide a realistic feeling to the miniature garden. For a more rustic atmosphere, lean a fishing rod against a wooden bench to make a garden guest believe a fairy just ceased fishing at the nearby pond.

How to Care for Your Dollhouse Furniture

When using fairy garden accessories be aware that the collection of dollhouse furniture, used in miniature gardens, may need a finish. Over time the metal and resin furniture will age when it is watered or placed in an outside garden. Spray the dollhouse furniture with polyurethane to protect it from the elements.


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