Getting Acquainted with Miniature Gardening

Gourd GardenOne of my favorite things about the world of miniature gardens is that everyone in the fairy garden community has a different story. Some people pick up gardening as a hobby and then fall into miniature accessories by chance. Others are inspired by miniature gardens they see online or in their neighborhoods. Some learn from their parents, grandparents, or friends. Me? I tripped into the community by chance, but I have felt so welcomed and warmed along the way—it has been a joy.

My first brush with miniatures was years and years ago. As a child, I had dollhouses. One was a metal version from the 1960s, filled with tiny, plastic furniture and painted-on interiors. It was a ranch style house with a formal den, nursery, and even a garage. At some point, we acquired a wooden dollhouse of the sort you build from a kit. A family member had lovingly renovated it with wallpaper, carpet, and wooden furniture. I loved that house. I spent hours organizing, re-organizing, decorating, and emptying out my house. It did not even have people - miniature accessories that I would horde, sort, and collect. I became a hobby store regular, staring down their miniature accessory aisle with my allowance, weighing the value-added by a tiny end table versus a minuscule basket of fruit.

I was enamored with “tiny” things all throughout childhood. I developed a huge collection of Polly Pocket toys and played endlessly with my Fisher-Price dollhouse in addition to the two others. I had small plastic fairies, animals, and even army men - the smaller and more numerous, the better.

As an adult, I have always looked back on my dollhouses and other miniature toys as warm, light-filled aspects of my childhood, but I assumed that those days were over. What adult gets to play with minis of any sort? Then, in my writing life, I stumbled upon a company that was looking for writing help—a miniature gardening company! Before that moment, I had little-to-no exposure to fairy gardens, miniature gardens, or anything like them. I have seen my fair share of beautifully decorated flower gardens, but nothing like what I would soon discover.

Thinking, learning, and writing about miniature gardens, so far, has been a fascinating journey. I have learned that there are more types of garden fairies than I ever thought possible and that they have an abundance of fairy houses, each with their own personality! I have grown to appreciate the diversity of garden accessories available, especially for the various themes. Who knew you could have a beach-themed garden or even a swamp? The worlds that gardeners can create continue to amaze and delight me. With such a huge range of products offered, there is no end to the enjoyment and creativity that one could find, right in a person’s yard. I am looking forward to the day when I have a little yard of my own, and I can try my hand at outdoor miniature gardening. For now, I think indoor container gardening might be the ideal fit for me.


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