Gifting a Winter Container Garden

Let it Snow signAfter all the autumn leaves have been raked away, the garden beds prepared for cold temperatures, and the last crumbs of the pumpkin pie have been gobbled up, the gardeners retreat from their fall miniature gardens and turn their attention to the next few months of winter. With the shorter days come winter plants, winter container gardens, and the bustling holiday season.

Longtime gardeners also know that holiday-time is not the end of gardening. The lifestyle lives on with winter flowering plants, winter container gardens, and miniature gardens that are themed for the season. Another fun part of winter gardening? Gifting. A miniature container garden is not only a unique gift, but it is one that can spark a new hobby and passion for the recipient, who will no doubt appreciate all the time and care you put into their new garden. Read on for some of our favorite tips and tricks when it comes to gifting a winter container garden.

Container Miniature Gardens and Boy Fairies

During the holidays, it can be difficult to find just the right gifts for those close to us. Whether you are shopping for kids, grandchildren, a spouse, parents, or friends, a container garden is a wise choice. Remember: Miniature gardens are not just for women and girls. Men enjoy the great outdoors as much as anyone else, and fairy gardens, full of adventure, can be a hit with younger boys.

When building a winter container garden for a child, you will want to use a variety of landscaping materials and winter plants in order to hold the child’s interest. Think about different pebbles, miniature accessories, and winter flowering plants that will add a touch of color. If the child is interested in dinosaurs, perhaps you can make the garden a little more prehistoric-looking with sand, rocks, and miniature trees. There are no limits when it comes to the fairy garden. From volcanos and beaches to ethereal forests and baseball diamonds, you can customize your winter container garden to match the child.

You may not realize it, but fairy gardens can be filled with all types of fairies. There are girl fairies, boy fairies, and animal friends. Fairy Nick and Fluff are dressed for the holidays. Look What I Found Fairies are a pair of siblings or friends. And Tire Swing with Boy is inspired by kids who like to run fast, climb trees, and go on adventures. No matter who you are shopping and gardening for, there is a fairy to match their personality.

Stocking Stuffers

Summertime gardening usually means heading outside, but winter container gardens can be created from the comfort of your home, even in front of the warm fire. There are plenty of plants for fall and winter to choose from, and if you are going to keep your winter container garden indoors, you can work with everything from winter plants to cacti.

For a last-minute gift or quick stocking stuffer, hanging terrariums fit the bill. These small, glass containers have become popular for recipients of all ages, and you do not need to have a green thumb to keep one of these miniature container gardens.

When preparing the gift, simply choose a landscaping material such as moss, leaves, or pebbles. You can use faux plants or live winter container plants. Air plants look great in a terrarium and do not need any soil. If you have room, you can add a miniature accessory or even some fairy glitter and faux snow. Placed on the holiday tree, on the fireplace, or in the window, hanging terrariums are an attractive style all year long.

Holiday Theme

One final fun way to give a winter container garden is through the use of holiday-themed miniature accessories. Some are small enough to fit in a terrarium, while others need plenty of room. You can even find holiday-themed containers shaped like snowmen! The amount of theming is up to you. After planting a winter container garden in the container of your choice, you will carefully choose winter plants and other greenery. Then you can look for miniature accessories to fill the container.

Outside of miniature fairies, you can find all kinds of holiday accessories, from snowmen and signs to garlands and reindeer. Faux miniature trees can be found dusted with “snow.” If your gift recipient celebrates other winter holidays, you might consider a miniature menorah, stars, blue lights, or even a feast table where the fairies can gather.

No matter which winter plants, miniature accessories, fairies, containers, and landscaping materials you decide to use in your winter container garden, you are sure to build an attractive and lasting gift that will be cherished in the months and weeks to come. All it takes is a little love and creativity. Happy gardening!


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