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Landscape Materials

Hard landscaping in miniature gardens refers to the construction materials. Some of these elements are rocks, pebbles, gravel, and stones as well as mulch that line the pathways and walkways near fairy houses. Another landscape material is sand. An assortment of colors is available as well as the grit size of sand for creating a beach theme fairy garden or filling Zen cement planters. The selection of materials continues with a variety of moss, colorful stepping stones, and ready-made walkways. When designing your miniature garden, you can individually select each piece of landscape material or choose kits crafted by our greenhouse garden fairies.

Landscape with the latest trend in miniature gardening by "planting" realistic looking faux plants and fauxculents. Our greenhouse miniature plants are available in the warmer seasons, but the faux plants allow gardeners to enjoy their hobby all year long.


Thursday, December 13, 2018

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