Last Minute Gift Ideas for Your Miniature Gardening Friends

Are you ready for the holidays? Are your presents wrapped and settled under the tree? Is the tree decorated? Wait—do you have the tree yet? Did you remember to flip the calendar over to “December”? If you are still getting in the swing of the season, have no fear. There is still time to shop for all of your miniature gardening friends and family members! Friends who love to garden will never tease you about a late gift, anyway. They know that the best and most beautiful things in life take time.

If you are ready to dive into gift shopping but do not know where to start, we can help! Take a look at a few of our favorite last-minute gift ideas for the fairy gardeners in your life. If the gift was a hit, let us know in the comments.

Miniature Accessories

When it comes to shopping for miniature gardening friends, you cannot go wrong with miniature accessories. Seasonal accessories are full of festive flair. Consider some wrapped packages to place under a miniature tree, a Christmas fairy, or even a tiny, detailed Christmas teapot. A snowman will look smart in the miniature garden all season long, even after the Christmas tree comes down and the lights are put away for the year. For friends who keep houseplants, snowman planters bring the seasonal gardening fun indoors.

New Plants and Products

Do some of your gardening friends already have elaborate gardens filled to the brim with accessories and plants? For those who are a little harder to shop for, take a look at the newest miniature accessories and plants available this year. Emile the Troll adds character to any fairy garden, and is a fan of swampy, spooky gardens in particular. For a show-stopper gift, a reindeer stable (with working lights!) is sure to put a smile on the face of whoever is lucky enough to receive it.

In the plant world, it’s time to get excited about Pleioslilos neliii Royal Flush, Purple Split Rock and its green companion, Pleiospilos nelii sp. Split Rock. These tender, unique succulents look like rocks that have been split open. As the plant grows, new leaf pairs emerge from the center. They need bright sunlight, which helps deepen the color and produces a flower in the mid-afternoon. Shopping for an office gift exchange? These make wonderful desk plants if situated near a sunny window.

Gift Certificates

Of course, some gardeners prefer to choose their own miniature plants and accessories. If you have friends that fit this description, you cannot go wrong with a Gift Certificate. You pick the amount, and then they get the fun of shopping online for new fairies, trolls, fairy houses, miniature plants, and so much more. The perfect thing to pair with a Gift Certificate? The gift of your time. Include a card that grants the recipient a few hours of your time to help them plant their new miniature tree, decorate their miniature garden, or repot some plants. Gardening is always a joy, but it is even better with friends.

Happy gifting!




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