Memorial Day

Memorial DayThe days were growing warmer. During the last full weekend in May, Asarum set off to his cousins' house to see if they would help him plant his tomatoes and peppers. When he arrived, he found them gazing into a translucent sphere.

"Hello!" he called. "Who wants to show me how to transplant my seedlings?"

Usually his cousins jumped at the chance to teach him a new skill in the garden. But this time Nymphaea replied, "Not today. It's Memorial Day."

"What is Memorial Day?" he asked.

"Haven't you ever celebrated it before? It's a day for us to remember everything that will happen in the future," she replied.

"How can you remember something that hasn't happened yet?"

"Look," she said, pointing him toward the gazing ball. "Inside you can see many things that will happen in the future. We have to remember the future so that we can remember to behave responsibly today. It's a solemn holiday."

Asarum crouched down and looked deep into the sphere. You can see what he saw by looking here.


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