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Arenaria Wallowa Mountains
Mossy Sandwort
Arenaria Wallowa Mountains
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Bloom Time:
June - July

This unusual plant grows as a moss but in the sun. Arenaria 'Wallowa Mountians' is a non-flowering form of Sandwort. It developes a bright green mat with very tiny evergreen leaves. Because it never blooms, it stays looking neat and tidy.

Plant arenaria in full sun or part shade, in moderate to sandy and well drained soil. It will grow well as a groundcover or cover in a fairy garden or other containers, where it can serve as a lawn. It can be grown between flagstones or on a path. Mossy Sandwort is hardy to zones 4–8, but it will not do well in areas that are Zone 7 and 8 and have high humidity.

Very nice in rock gardens. Substiute for moss in moist area between stepping stones or trailing plant for rock walls.

Sagina subulata will be available again when the temperatures are moderate. It suffers too much from the heat during transit.

There's a detailed article available on our parent company's site on choosing, locating, planting and maintaining ground cover plants.


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Arenaria Wallowa Mountains

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