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Artemisia smithiana, Silver Mound
Dusty Miller
Artemisia smithiana, Silver Mound
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June - July

With feather-like, soft foliage, Artemisia smithiana, Dusty Miller, Silver Mound is a dream perennial for any garden. “Silver mound” is an apt name, as this plant grows in a cushy, rounded, mound-like shape. With this plant, you can create a border that is both distinct and delicate, while still filling up all the space you might need. The silver color contrasts well with bright flowers, green plants, and other landscaping materials. You might consider it for a rock garden!

Blossoms on this plant are inconspicuous, so those visiting the garden can simply enjoy the impressive silvery foliage. It grows fast, quickly reaching heights of up to 12-inches and widths of up to 18-inches, so it is excellent as a filler plant, though it can also be kept in pots. Silver mound loves the sun but has relatively low water needs, so it is known to thrive in hot, dry site.

There's a detailed article available on our parent company's site on choosing, locating, planting and maintaining ground cover plants.


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Artemisia smithiana, Silver Mound

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