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Anisodontas hypomondarum, 3-inch Pot, Starter Bonsai Plant
Dwarf Hibiscus
Anisodontas hypomondarum, 3-inch Pot, Starter Bonsai Plant
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Height on Delivery:
Growth Habit:
Medium til fast
Pink single blooms
sun - partial shade
Bloom Time:
January - December

The miniature Hibiscus is small shrub type plant that originates from the Eastern Cape region of South Africa. The pink 1-inch wide flowers appear at any time, but they are most abundant in the early spring to early summer. The dense foliage lends itself to pruning and is, therefore, a perfect topiary or bonsai tree candidate.  An aromatic fragrance is released when the leaves are bruised. The flowers attract insects and butterflies to the garden. It is a wonderful candidate for a miniature garden and in fairy gardens in general.

This plant is also available in a 4.5 " pot


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Anisodontas hypomondarum, 3-inch Pot, Starter Bonsai Plant

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