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Pinus Mugo Tannenbaum, Twisted Mugo Pine
Pinus Mugo Tannenbaum, Twisted Mugo Pine
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Native to the mountainous areas of southern and central Europe, the slow-growing Pinus Mugo, Twisted Mugo Pine, Bonsai is a smart choice for beginning bonsai artists in the miniature garden. The needling on this tree is dense, and the needles themselves have a bright green color that contrasts attractively with the brown bark.

This miniature tree is hardy to the cold and can be grown either indoors or out. If growing indoors, be sure to provide plenty of light and humidity to protect against drying out. The plant prefers full sun or partial shade.

Use quick-draining soil to prevent root rot. Pinus Mugo, Twisted Mugo Pine, Bonsai is a drought-tolerant variety. It can be allowed to dry out between watering. If the tree is kept indoors, you might consider a light misting of water from time to time. A layer of mulch will help the roots retain moisture.


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Pinus Mugo Tannenbaum, Twisted Mugo Pine

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