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Miniature Plants

Miniature Trees and Plants for Small Containers

We are not shipping plants during the cold season. Shipping resumes Friday, March 09, 2018. Only exceptions to this are Picea glauca, Jean's Dilly Christmas Tree, Spruce and the Moroccan Rosette Planters with Succulents.

These varieties of miniature trees and plants are suitable for use in smaller containers. Whether you are making an alpine trough, succulent hypertufa planter, bonsai garden, fairy garden or miniature garden, you will need small, rather slow growing trees and plants. Even miniatures require pruning or an occasional trim to maintain the petite size or to encourage re-bloom. For more information about individual miniature trees and miniature plants, follow the links to find a useful description for each variety.

How to Find the Right Plants for Your Miniature Garden

When choosing miniature trees or miniature plants for a small-scale garden let your imagination run free. The process is almost like painting a scene on a canvas. Start by picturing a real size plant. Next, find a comparable miniature tree or plant to place in the garden. Magically this tiny plant becomes a large shrub in a flower bed or a majestic tree in the woodlands of the miniature world. Need a lawn? For a lawn, plant Baby Tears to establish lush, green grass in the front yard of the cottage. Be creative when planning the greenery for your miniature fairy garden.

How to Plant Your Miniature Trees and Plants

Contrary to conventional wisdom, some trees and plants can successfully be left in their plastic pots and planted right into the container or garden. Using this technique restricts the growth of the miniature tree or miniature plant. They will be root bound by the end of the season, but during that growing period the trees and plants will retain their size much better than if they were planted directly in the soil. Remember to pay a little more attention to the watering! This method works very well for plants like fairy vine, sedum, or topiaries, but not for spreading ground cover plants. Use the same technique for miniature trees too. Consider planting miniature woody evergreens in their pots to keep the small size during the growing season.


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