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Carissa macrocarpa x, Humphreyi Variegata
Variegated Natal Plum
Carissa macrocarpa x, Humphreyi Variegata
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Soft, white
Variegated and waxy

The leaves of Carissa macrocarpa x, Humphreyi Variegata, Variegated Natal Plum are what make this plant stand out as something extra-special. Gorgeously variegated and waxy, they grow in colors of light green and cream that shine glossy and rich under natural light. For months at a time, caretakers will be delighted by the soft white flowers that bloom. This dense shrub will grow to fill a small space and is a great fit between other shrubs, trees, and flowers. It prefers full sun or semi-shade and takes an average amount of moisture. For its extravagant looks, you will be surprised by the low level of maintenance this shrub demands.


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Carissa macrocarpa x, Humphreyi Variegata

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