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Castanospermum australe
Lucky Bean Plant
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Castanospermum australe
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Guests in your garden or home will look twice at the Castanospermum australe, Lucky Bean Plant, which can be quite a conversation piece! This unique and tropical plant is actually a tree originating in the coastal rainforests and beaches of eastern Australia. Also known as a black bean tree or Moreton Bay chestnut tree, it is part of the “bean and pea” family and counts chickpeas as its cousin. You might know another one of its relative, the redbud.

The Lucky Bean Plant features green leaves with an impressive sheen, as well as clusters of bright red and yellow flowers that grow directly on its branches. Post-flowering, large pods develop, containing golfball-sized seeds. An extensive root system means this tree needs to be planted away from important power and water lines, and when it matures, the canopy will spread wide as well. A lover of sun and water, this tree, when fully grown, will provide pleasant, floral shade to all those who are lucky enough to encounter it.


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Castanospermum australe
Castanospermum australe

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