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Crassula muscosa pseudolycopodiodes
Watch Chain Plant
Crassula muscosa pseudolycopodiodes
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Growth Habit:
greenish, very inconspicuous
partial shade
Bloom Time:
January - December

This small succulent plant's interesting looks has been likened to that of undersea coral. The most common of the common names for this plant is Watch Chain Plant for its delicate interlocking leaves that are much like the tight jeweler's links that were used to attach a pocket watch to the vest. It is also called Clubmoss Crassula, Princess Pine and Rattail Crassula. Better in semi shade. It suffers with the high temperatures and full sun in summer. Good drainage is essential; Crassulas need a soil that is porous and gritty and fresh organic matter should be avoided in the soil. The plants need adequate moisture during the growing season and only enough water to keep the plant from shriveling in winter. In the miniature garden it is great to use for hedging, as a character-adding, interesting specimen or an evergreen look-a-like. Can easily be pinched down by just breaking some 'chains' off.


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Crassula muscosa pseudolycopodiodes

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