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Cryptanthus, Lightly Rooted, Pink
Bromeliad Earth Star
Cryptanthus, Lightly Rooted, Pink
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low to bright, indirect light

You do not need to look to the sky for stars. In fact, there are plenty to be found right in the greenhouse! Cryptanthus, Bromeliad Earth Star, Pink is a wonderful example of a show-stopping, star-shaped plant. This variety features a bright pink color that will delight anyone who spots it. Color and texture are fantastic finds when it comes to house plant, and this one delivers. Place among green plants (or even in a green pot) to show off your rose-colored centerpiece plant. The need for average to high humidity and the small growing size (up to 6-inches) makes this plant a stellar choice for terrariums.

A small, tropical variety, your Earth Star will grow happily if you keep its soil moist. It prefers only partial shade, and you can expect its color to deepen as it is exposed to brighter sunlight.


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Cryptanthus, Lightly Rooted, Pink

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