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Cuphea ignea, David Verity
Cigar Plant
Cuphea ignea, David Verity
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Bloom Time:
December - December

You may have heard the Cuphea ignea referred to as the “cigar plant.” Its nickname comes from its long, unusual, reddish-orange flowers. It can be grown as a houseplant or in the garden. Options include hanging baskets, borders, beds, edgings, and patio containers. Outside, it prefers well-drained soils in full sun, but tolerates part-shade environments. It needs regular moisture in order to thrive. The shrub itself is rounded and densely-branched, growing upwards of two feet tall, sometimes even reaching five feet. Flowers are narrow and tubular. Tipped with yellow, they look like lit cigars or firecrackers.

Cuphea ignea is attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies. It blooms year-round.


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Cuphea ignea, David Verity

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