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Cupressus macrocarpa
Lemon Cypress Topiary Standard
Cupressus macrocarpa
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Height on Delivery:
Growth Habit:
topiary standard
lime-green to yellow-green
bright, indirect light

This is a wonderful tree for your miniature garden. It can also be decorated as a mini Christmas tree! The common name comes from the strong citrus scent emitted from the branches when crushed or brushed. This tree can be grown indoors or outside, though if you decide to grow it inside, you will need to make sure it receives sufficient sunlight. These trees are generally low-maintenance an fast-growing. Trim new growth to maintain shape if desired. Very popular plant in Europe. Keep soil evenly moist but not wet, be careful to water less in fall and winter.

Note: Plants are a lime green color when grown indoors; color will change to a golden yellow when placed in full sun. 


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Cupressus macrocarpa

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