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Dyckia, Maroon
Dyckia, Maroon
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Height on Delivery:
sun - partial shade
Bloom Time:
April - August
Dyckia plants are from Brazil. They love growing in warm regions with heavy rainfall for half the year and very dry conditions the rest of the time. Dyckia growing conditions in their natural setting should be mimicked as much as possible. Try growing Dyckia plants outside in summer or year around in warmer regions.
Fertilize from spring to fall with a half strength liquid plant food. Growing in its natural element, the plants form pups or offsets, which result in new plants.They will do the same in containers. These caneasily be divided away from the parent.
There are very few cautions or surprises with Dyckia bromeliad care. They are hardy plants that thrive even in slightly neglectful conditions.
Caution: Dyckia are prickly and may require gloves to handle when they get more mature.


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Dyckia, Maroon

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