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Eleocharis radicans, Toe Tickling Grass
Miniature Rush
Eleocharis radicans, Toe Tickling Grass
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Growth Habit:
grassy mound
green grass like

This interesting and very tiny American native has wide growing range that jumps from Michigan to North Carolina to Florida, to Texas, and even California. Eleocharis radicans is a member of the Cyperus family that makes a great lawn substitute in low wet depressions where traffic is light. It makes a thick mat of tiny green 3" tall spikes that look a lot like fiber optic grass in miniature. When grown in moist, mucky spots, Eleocharis radicans can spread several feet a year by means of short rhizomes. It is ideal planted along a rock ‘stream’ in a miniature garden or beside a little bridge crossing a creek.


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Eleocharis radicans, Toe Tickling Grass
Eleocharis radicans, Toe Tickling Grass

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