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Enchanted Garden
Succulent Collection
Enchanted Garden
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Growth Habit:
Mixed succulents

With these 4 choice succulents you really get a bit of everything.

The cheerful and bright multi-colored Aeonium decorum variegata, Kiwi add some height to the container.

Crassula schmidtii, Fairy Pink is a wonderful pink blooming plant with nice green foliage.

Sedum rubrotinctum 'Aurora' Jelly Bean Pink has a nice textured succulent foliage and is cute with the pink blush on the tips of each stem.

With Sedum, Little Missy, Stonecrop you get a bright and vigorous groundcover for the container or a nice 'spiller' plant over the edge of a container.

All succulents need good drainage. Plant them in a premium potting soil (or in a cactus potting mix) with some gravel or perlite mixed into the medium. They do not require much fertilizer. Once or twice a month with a good liquid fertilizer is sufficient.



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Enchanted Garden
Enchanted Garden

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