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Erodium variabile, Bishop Form
Heron's Bill
Erodium variabile, Bishop Form
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Growth Habit:
dark green lobed
Bloom Time:
May - September

One of our top 10 best plants for miniature and fairy gardens. Bishop Form is a perennial groundcover that grows to 3-4 inches tall and spreads to 2 feet. It can however be kept to a smaller size in a miniature garden. It features pink flowers and blooms in spring through fall. Ideally suited for part sun in hot climate areas but can tolerate full sun in our Wisconsin summers. It prefers moderate to occasional water. In general, Erodium prefer well-drained alkaline soils. They are nice small-scale groundcovers and are great additions to a mixed container planting. It creates a dynamic display of pink to rosy five-petal blooms. All flowers are veined in deep fuchsia and give off a colorful perfusion of pink.  Deep green, lobed leaves make up the foliage and when planted in mass, make an attractive groundcover. If you place it in a sunroom it stays blooming in the winter as well.


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Erodium variabile, Bishop Form
Erodium variabile, Bishop Form

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