Euphorbia anoplia, Tanzanian Zipper Plant

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Small, burgundy
Bloom Time:
April - August

Here is a small plant that makes a big impression! Euphorbia anoplia, native to South Africa, is known as the Tanzanian Zipper Plant. It has the look of a spineless cactus, but is actually a clumping stemless succulent. Its “zipper” nickname comes from the striping pattern along its edges. The variegated columns range from whitish-green to bright green in color.

During the spring and summer, tiny purple flowers will appear on the plant’s top and edges. Perfect for dish gardens and other indoor containers, it requires relatively little attention. If you live in Zone 10 through 12, you could consider planting this little succulent outdoors. Just be sure to provide plenty of sunlight and well-draining soil. During the summer, water weekly, but do not let the plant sit in wet soil.

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