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Fairy Flower Collection
Fairy Flower Collection
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Bloom Time:
June - August

A perfect mix of some of the very best plants for starting a miniature or fairy garden. The Coleus creates an interesting foliage effect and stays nice and compact. Portulaca Toucan Tango is a mat forming plant and a real workhorse as well. The showy and bright, tangerine colored flowers keep blooming all summer. Miniature Daisy has a cute little white daisy flower and blooms its heart out all season even during the winter months inside our greenhouses. What a superstar! The last plant in this quartet is the chartreuse sedum called Tokyo Sun. It can be used to brighten up the garden and looks like a tiny golden Spirea in the miniature garden. It is also nice spilling out over the side of a container.


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Fairy Flower Collection

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