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Ficus benjamina splendens variegata, Starter Bonsai Plant
Dwarf Variegated Fig
Ficus benjamina splendens variegata, Starter Bonsai Plant
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sun - partial shade

Variegated Ficus is one of the most common houseplants. These plants need bright, direct light and they prefer to dry out some between watering. It’s best to keep this Variegated Ficus in the same location. Any change in moisture, light or location will cause the plant to drop some of its leaves to adjust.

These trees come originally from Asia and Australia, where they grow up to 60-70'. Indoors, the trees height is limited by the quantity of roots it can produce in a small container. Regular pruning can contain the tree and encourage branching and new leaf growth without damage.

Indoors, Variegated Ficus requires bright, direct light for several hours in a day. A sunny window provides enough light to keep these trees healthy. Outdoors, the trees can handle full sun to part shade. Note that any change in light conditions will cause weeping figs to drop their leaves.

Ficus likes to dry out occasionally between watering. It does not like to stay or sit in water or get too dry. Trees that are too dry will drop their leaves, trees that are too wet will have leaves that turn yellow before dropping. Ideally, weeping figs like to stay moist but do not like to dry out completely. It is a wonderful candidate for a miniature garden and in fairy gardens in general.


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Ficus benjamina splendens variegata, Starter Bonsai Plant

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