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Ficus pumila, Quercifolia minima
Tiny Oak Leaf Creeping Fig
Ficus pumila, Quercifolia minima
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Growth Habit:
groundcover, climber
partial shade - sun

Creeps and attaches like an ivy with 1/4 inch sized, oak leaf shaped foliage, but don’t be fooled, this is a “Ficus.” Rather than losing it amid larger garden plants, use it as a slow growing groundcover at the base of bonsais or as part of a miniature or fairy garden. It looks very much like a Boston Ivy when planted close to a fairy house wall. This plant prefers bright, indirect light. Be sure to keep it evenly moist. 


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Ficus pumila, Quercifolia minima
Ficus pumila, Quercifolia minima
Ficus pumila, Quercifolia minima
Ficus pumila, Quercifolia minima

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