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Ficus pumila, Variegated
Creeping Fig
Ficus pumila, Variegated
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Growth Habit:
small green leaves edged in white
partial shade - shade
Bloom Time:
June - August

A variegated form of the traditional green creeping fig vine. This selection is adorned with creamy white margins that will really brighten up a wall or wrapping up around a miniature arbor in the fairy garden. It is self-clinging and looks good covering the walls of the larger fairy houses. Variegated creeping fig is a relative of edible figs and tropical trees but is a tender, evergreen vine. It is native to eastern Asia and has distinctive juvenile and mature forms. The juvenile form features slender, fuzzy branches and small, white variegated heart-shaped leaves. When it matures it is an aggressive vine, which clings to most surfaces including metal, wood and concrete with its strong adhesive, aerial rootlets. Used in a miniature planter or in a terrarium, it is easy to control by cutting it back.

There's a detailed article available on our parent company's site on choosing, locating, planting and maintaining ground cover plants.


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Ficus pumila, Variegated
Ficus pumila, Variegated

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