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Hen and Chicks Collection, Sempervivum
Hen and Chicks
Hen and Chicks Collection, Sempervivum
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This pack offers not one, not two, but four large plants in a fun mix of textures, shapes, and forms. These succulent perennials are favorites in xeriscape gardens, rootop gardens, and trough gardens. Desert plants, they prefer gritty, fast-draining soil and full, hot sun. You can even grow them in pure gravel!

Hen-and-chicks are some of the easiest plants to grow. They tolerate neglect, drought, and heat. All types will form a low cushion or carpet of fleshy leaves. With these varieties, you will receive some that remain green and others that deepen into red colors with time. This pack includes Cobweb, Hirta borealis, Sir William Lawrence, and Montfort styles. It’s a great set for starting a new garden or preparing containers for gifts.


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Hen and Chicks Collection, Sempervivum
Hen and Chicks Collection, Sempervivum

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