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Heterocentron elegans
Spanish Shawl
Heterocentron elegans
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bright magenta
small, dark green leaves
partial shade - shade
Bloom Time:
June - September

This tender, evergreen perennial groundcover has a sweet personality and vibrant flowers. It forms a dense mat of foliage, making it ideal for covering large swathes of bare soil. In the summertime, its carpet of small, dark leaves explodes with an array of bright magenta flowers that will remain until fall. After the blossoms fall away, red bracts persist, adding color to an otherwise deep-green mat that is prized for its weed-choking abilities. If elevated, this plant provides a cascade of stems and flowers. Ideal for shade gardens and rock walls. Heterocentron elegans should be kept moist and protected from drying winds, hot sunlight, and hard frosts.

Heterocentron elegans is native to Central America.


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Heterocentron elegans
Heterocentron elegans

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