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Kalanchoe tomentosa, Chocolate Soldier
Kalanchoe tomentosa, Chocolate Soldier
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Plant varieties go by many different names, so you shouldn’t feel bad if you look at Kalanchoe tomentosa, Chocolate Soldier and also see Pussy Ears or the Panda Plant. Many have seen fit to give this plant a variety of nicknames, perhaps due to its extra-special coloring that isn’t often seen in the succulent world. With soft, fuzzy leaves growing upright and out from the center, this house plant will strike a handsome look in the sunniest rooms of your house. The felt-like coating helps it tolerate drought and brightness. You will want to allow the soil to become completely dry before watering.

When it comes to this particular succulent, the stand-out feature is its coloring. The long leaves range in color from shades of green to rust, and they are spotted and sometimes bordered with chocolate brown. Small, bell-shaped flowers bloom in the springtime. For a resilient succulent with unique looks, Chocolate Soldier is the way to go.


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Kalanchoe tomentosa, Chocolate Soldier

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