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Leontopodium alpinum, Alpine
Leontopodium alpinum, Alpine
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You have probably never encountered a flower quite like this. Leontopodium alpinum, Edelwise is native to Europe, particularly to the rocky Swiss Alps. In the summertime, clusters of yellow discs ringed by white bracts will grow, delighting visitors and leading some fans to refer to the flower as a “lion’s paw.” The wooly texture of the flowers is unique, making this plant a great conversation piece. When drawing up your plans for planting, consider a rock garden, raised bed, or alpine trough, and don’t be surprised if the flowers are short-lived, as this is to be expected. To extend their use, the flowers can be cut and dried. Silver-gray foliage looks smart and grows a little less than a foot tall in ideal climates. Edelwise looks for cool summers and well-drained soils.


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Leontopodium alpinum, Alpine
Leontopodium alpinum, Alpine
Leontopodium alpinum, Alpine

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