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Leptinella verdigris
Brass Buttons
Leptinella verdigris
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Yellow, button-like
Green and bronze feathery leaves
sun - partial shade
Bloom Time:
April - June

Say “Hello” to your new favorite creeping perennial groundcover. These feathery, fern-like leaves form as runners on top and underneath the soil, creating a dense mat. The bright green foliage turns a bronze color in the summertime. It is native to the damp coast of New Zealand.

Consider for a lawn substitution, living patio, woodland area, or shady pathway. You could also try it between pavers. This plant tolerates some foot traffic, but not too much. Look for tiny, yellow, button-like flowers to bloom in the spring when you give Leptinella verdigris sun, partial shade, and well-drained soil. It also needs regular watering and annual fertilizing.


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Leptinella verdigris

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