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Lithops, Living Stones, 2 plants assorted, 2" pots
Lithops, Living Stones, 2 plants assorted, 2" pots
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white and yellow

These unusual looking succulens are commonly called 'flowering stones' and are true mimicry plants. Their shape, size and color causes them to resemble small stones in their natural surroundings. The plants blend in among the stones as a means of protection. Animals which would otherwise eat them during periods of drought to obtain moisture will usually overlook them. It can be difficult even for experts in the field to locating plants because of this unusual camouflage.

Lithops may not bloom for the first 2-3 years. Give your living stone plant plenty of light. Keep soil barely moist spring through fall, allowing the top half of the soil to dry out between waterings. Do not water after the flowers have faded and the leaves begin to shrivel. Resume watering in spring.


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Lithops, Living Stones, 2 plants assorted, 2" pots

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