Neanthe Bella, Parlor Palm

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Very slow
low to bright, indirect light

One of the best plants for a miniature or fairy garden. In a small container garden it can act as a tree placed beside a tiny cottage or as a palm in a beach scene. The Parlor Palm looks stunning in many settings and puts up with a lot of poor locations.The reasons for this is that it thrives in our homes and workplaces where other species may struggle and in addition to that it is one of the cheapest palms one can get. This small palm has been popular since Victorian times. It can grow with relative low light and humidity levels, all the while being effective at cleaning the air and making it on to NASA's list of 50 Indoor plants that clean the air. This is also a great plant to start with for the beginner as well as the more seasoned gardener. Neanthe Bella Palms thrive in a variety of indoor lighting conditions, but a room with medium to bright light and a north or west facing window is best. The plant should stay evenly moist, meaning the soil should never be completely dry or overly wet. As with most plants, over-watering can lead to the decline of the roots and browning of the foliage.

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