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Goldfish Plant
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Hailing from Brazil, Nematanthus, Goldfish Plant has to be seen to be believed. Often displayed  in a hanging basket or as a flowering table plant, this one gets its name from the bright, bulbous flowers that truly resemble goldfish. Whether they are red, orange, or yellow, the fish-shaped flowers appear to be leaping away from the plant, right into your house! They contrast well with the small, shiny, dark green leaves on thick stems that make up the rest of the plant.

Surprisingly, the Goldfish Plant is easy to care for, drought resistant, and promises flowers throughout the year. It needs bright, indirect sunlight. Luckily, the plant can tell you when it needs a little more sun: the leaves curl up as an indicator. Soil should not get dry, but it shouldn’t get soggy, either. You can prune and repot as necessary, but the Goldfish Plant, on the whole, is about as simple to care for as, well, a goldfish!


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