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Oak Wood Air Plant Holder with Tillandsia
Oak Wood Air Plant Holder with Tillandsia
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bright, indirect light

For a unique gift or attractive addition to your own home, check out the Oak Wood Air Plant Holder with Tillandsia. The holder itself is flat and lightweight, and it comes equipped with a saw tooth picture frame hanger for easy decorating. At about 3.5-inches by 7-inches,with a depth of 1.75-inches, the holder will fit comfortably on a gallery wall, above a desk, or in any small wall space. It has a rustic look, as if it were sliced right off of a fresh log. The included air plant (Tillandsia, Air Plant, Brahycaulos multiflora), which is easy to care for, sports brilliant green and red coloring. It has been color enhanced with a non-toxic floral tint to mimic flowering color, but it will eventually outgrow the tint and its natural colors will fully emerge. No need for fertilizer or a container; just spray this plant lightly with water to keep it flourishing all year long.



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Oak Wood Air Plant Holder with Tillandsia
Oak Wood Air Plant Holder with Tillandsia

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